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Storage technologies


Leitwerkschichtspeicher® (pipe layer storage system) with thermal insulation

The storage of energy is necessary whenever the supply and the demand of heat are not simultaneous or the quantities diverge widely. Of course this is the case with solar system technologies. But also with other heat generating systems (e.g., wood-fired boilers) the buffering of heat is convenient or simply necessary.

We use the varmeco Leitwerkschichtspeicher® (pipe layer storage system), which consists of a steel tank (outside undercoated, inside untreated) with 4 connection pipes, a venting connection and the integrated flow guide system. A high-quality two-part thermal insulation of CFC-free, 100 mm strong and elastic foamed thermoplastic (laminated polystyrene-covering layer, hook closure strip, polystyrene top cover) protects the pipe layer storage system against the loss of heat.


  • only 5 connections, nevertheless all components can be attached (solar system, boiler, heating loops, etc.) - therefore the storage tank is loaded and unloaded only at a few specific points
  • only external heat exchangers are applied - this allows a degree-precise load of the storage tank without turbulences
  • no moving parts, like flaps or valves - the storage tank is maintenance-free with extremely long lifespan
  • exactly three layers of temperature –each layer at a usable temperature level: on top hot water for the heating of the domestic water, in the intermediate zone water for the heating installation and at the bottom water as cool as possible for the efficient working of solar plants, thermal heat pumps or modern boilers
  • without any risk of boiler scale, not even at more than 60°C, because it is integrated in a closed loop which contains only heating water
  • available in three standard dimensions (750 l, 850 l, 1000 l) and on demand in special sizes up to 30.000 l
Loading and unloading of the storage system  

Operation sequences depending on the time of day