vitality = healthy environment

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The media make predictions for the future every day, thereby drawing a dark picture of the destruction of our environment, caused by the exploitation of natural resources, as well as the contamination of the atmosphere with CO2. However, the main CO2 polluters are not, as widely assumed, industry or traffic, but the heating systems of buildings, operated predominantly with fossil fuels.

The use of solar energy is a real alternative and a chance for humanity to get out of this dead-end situation. The events of the last few months have proved that there is an increased international effort in the implementation of solar energy, and everybody can contribute their share.

Due to the innovations of the last few years the use of solar energy is not a privilege of upper class people any longer. Today every house owner can easily lower their energy costs decisively.

Changing over to an alternative system in a sensible way requires a well-founded concept compiled by experts. The market offers a huge and unmanageable amount of products which only work effectively if combined in the right way.